3 November 1912Belleoram, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada


8 August 2023New Waterford, Nova Scotia, Canada



Beatrice Jensen

Beatrice Jensen (née Kearley) was a Canadian supercentenarian who was the oldest known living person in Nova Scotia, Canada at the time of death.

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Jensen was born as Beatrice Kearley in Belleoram, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, on 3 November 1912.

At 28, she moved to New Waterford, Nova Scotia with her then-boyfriend, Abraham Jensen, a plumber who moved there for employment and later worked in the coal mines. They got married the next year and eventually had two children, Ross, and Bud Jensen.

Her husband died in 2005 at age 92. In 2018, at the age of 105, she was hospitalized after breaking her femur. At the age of 107, she had 5 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren, and 2 great-great-grandchildren.

Beatrice Jensen passed away in New Waterford, Nova Scotia, Canada, on 8 August 2023, at the age of 110 years, 278 days.

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At the time of death, she was the oldest known living person in Nova Scotia, Canada.