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Angélica Tiscornia

James Roberts
Validated By: James Roberts On Date: Jan. 30th 2024

Angélica Tiscornia is an Argentine supercentenarian whose age has been validated by LongeviQuest. She is currently the second-oldest (known) living person in Argentina, after Isabel Barletta.


Tiscornia was born in Gualeguay, Entre Ríos Province, Argentina, on 22 August 1912. She had six siblings, all of whom she outlived. At some point, she got married and went on to have a daughter named Marta. She outlived her only daughter, who passed away due to heart problems. In 1973, she moved to the city of Buenos Aires.

At some point, she moved into a nursing home. Following her daughter’s passing, her closest living relative became her nephew, who was 80 years old as of 2021. In mid-May 2020, she was hospitalized for COVID-19. Despite her dislike for medical treatment, she simply said, “I still have enough time to be here.” Two weeks later, she returned to the nursing home. Upon her return, the staff was surprised by her resilience, as she came back with almost no symptoms. According to her nursing home, she takes no medications and is in good health.

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Her age was verified by James Roberts, Fabrizio Villatoro, and Stefan Maglov, and validated by LongeviQuest on 30 January 2024.