The oldest (known) living resident of the U.S. state of Virginia, Mrs. Virginia Jefferson, passed away in Lynchburg on June 4th, aged 111 years, 295 days. Her passing was confirmed by the Community Funeral Home.

Mrs. Jefferson was born as Virginia Adair Davis in Forest, Bedford County, Virginia, USA on 14 August 1912, the fifth of nine children born to parents Alonza Davis and Otelia Craighead. She grew up on a farm with her eight siblings (four brothers and four sisters).

On 22 April 1938, she married Malcolm Murrell Jefferson. The couple had two children, Langhorne Jefferson Anderson and her stillborn twin brother. The couple lived for five years at the Boonsboro Country Club, where they were both employed, before moving to Forest, Virginia. At the Boonsboro Country Club, her husband served as the manager while she worked as a cook and baker. Several of her special recipes were published in local cookbooks. In 1953, the family moved to Lynchburg, Virginia, where she remained until the age of 106.

On 24 February 2023, she became the oldest (known) living person in Virginia.

LongeviQuest sends our deepest condolences to the bereaved family and friends of Mrs. Jefferson.