As reported on his personal blog, Mr. Morrie Markoff of Los Angeles, the oldest (known) living man in the United States and the world’s oldest blogger, passed away on June 3rd, aged 110 years, 144 days.

Mr. Markoff was born in a New York City tenement on 11 January 1914 as the son of Russian-Jewish immigrants Max and Rose Markoff. Their surname had been anglicised from Markov. Acting on the suggestion of his father, Markoff trained as a machinist. However, as the Great Depression took effect, he took whatever employment he could get, eventually settling as a vacuum repairman.

On 4 November 1938, Markoff married Betty Goldmintz in Los Angeles, California. The couple went on to have one of the longest marriages in U. S. history, reaching 80 years and 10 months before Betty’s death on 21 September 2019. They had two children, Judy and Steve.

LongeviQuest sends our deepest condolences to the bereaved family and friends of Mr. Markoff.