Santa María, Huila, Colombia — On 31 May, Alfonso María Rojas, the oldest verified living person in Colombia, celebrated his 111th birthday. This news comes to LongeviQuest directly from his family, who kindly provided us with photos from his birthday party.

Alfonso María Rojas Perdomo was born in Palermo, Huila, Colombia, on 31 May 1913, to parents Neftalí Rojas and Isabel Perdomo. During his childhood, his family relocated to the Vereda “La Primavera” in the neighboring municipality of Santa María, Huila. After reaching adulthood, he and his brother acquired a rural property and, through their combined efforts, focused on agriculture and livestock.

He married María Luz Dussán Mejía on May 12, 1951. The couple had eight children, but were only married for eleven years before María Luz’s tragic passing in 1962. Although a widower for over 60 years, Rojas has a large family of over 50 descendants who proudly celebrated his milestone birthday on 31 May.

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LongeviQuest extends our congratulations to Mr. Rojas Perdomo and his family on this remarkable achievement.