Barfleur, Manche Department, Normandy — Maurice Le Coutour, believed to be the oldest living man in France, celebrated his 110th birthday on May 12th.

Le Coutour was born in Gouberville (present-day Vicq-sur-Mer) in Normandy, France, on 12 May 1914. His father, Édouard, was a carpenter, and his mother was a homemaker. Once he finished school in Gouberville, he went to work in a grocery store in Cherbourg.

Mobilized during the Second World War, he fought in the Battle of Dunkirk in 1940 before being evacuated by the British Navy (Operation Dynamo). His mother and sister were alone, so he had to provide for the family. He continued working in Cherbourg, even during periods of bombing. After the war, he became a secretary at the Tocqueville dairy and a school bus driver. He retired at the age of 65. At some point, he married Madeleine. The couple had a son, who unfortunately died young.

On 7 January 2024, following the passing of 111-year-old André Ludwig of Pays de la Loire, he became the oldest living man in France.

The LongeviQuest team would like to extend our congratulations. We hope he enjoyed his day, and we wish him many more years of happiness.