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Horace Baumer, Pennsylvania’s Oldest Known Living Man, Turned 110

Horace Baumer’s 110th Birthday (Source:

LongeviQuest is delighted to announce that Pennsylvania, USA’s oldest known living man turned 110 years old. He celebrated his 110th birthday at The Gardens of York Terrace in Pottsville with his friends, family, and the town’s state representative and mayor.

On his 109th birthday in 2022.
(Source: Republican Herald)

Horace Wilson Baumer was born in Minersville, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania, USA on 17 December 1913. When attending Girard College in Philadelphia, he learned a machinist’s trade, leading to him working as a machinist at Bethlehem Steel’s Grace Mine near Morgantown for around 25 years. He was also a husband and a father to 4 children.

Active even in his 90s, Horace drove around in his truck and kept his whole neighborhood stocked with fresh tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants from his garden. Baumer continued to live independently in his own home until July 2022, when a fall left him hospitalized for two months. Upon being discharged, he moved into a nursing home in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, where he currently resides at the age of 110.

For more information, please view Horace Baumer’s Directory Profile here.

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