LongeviQuest is pleased to announce that Antigua and Barbuda’s oldest known living person turned 106 years old. A grand celebration marked Hodge’s birthday, with family, friends, and even dignitaries joining in, thanks to the efforts of the Community Development and Citizens’ Engagement Division. Her speech was filled with gratitude, thanking everyone, most especially her children and grandchildren for their unwavering support.

Gladys Hodge’s 106th Birthday
(Source: https://caribbean.loopnews.com/content/antigua-and-barbudas-oldest-resident-106-years-old)

Gladys Delores Hodge was born on 20 December 1917. She was a wife and a mother to 5 children. Fitzroy Lake, Gladys’ youngest son, attributes her longevity to her love for rice, chicken, soup, and past active life of gardening and cleaning.