LongeviQuest is pleased to announce the age validation of Kane Toriba of Japan at age 111. She was born in Fukaya, Saitama Prefecture, Japan on 4 December 1911. After finishing elementary school, she dedicated several years to assisting her parents on their farm. Later, she fell in love and married her husband. The couple subsequently had five children.

During World War II, Toriba balanced raising her children and managing household responsibilities by engaging in sericulture, yarn pongee production, and weaving. Her family remarked on her exceptional skills and diligence, making her a highly productive worker compared to others.

At the age of 110. (Source: Courtesy of the family)

At the age of 110.
(Source: Courtesy of the family)

Toriba experienced a fall at 73 that caused a broken femur. This has required her to use a wheelchair ever since. Her daily routine includes morning calf massages with a massager, newspaper reading, attending a daycare service four times a week, and a 15-minute footbath before bed to warm her legs. This routine, organized by her son to improve blood circulation in her legs, has been her practice for 20 years. At 109, she was hospitalized four times in a year due to cholecystitis but made a full recovery after each month-long stay and has not had another episode since. Despite her age of 111, her family reports that she travels easily, as she spends her days sitting without lying down.

In September 2018, she was reported as the oldest living person in Fukaya, Saitama Prefecture.

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