LongeviQuest is pleased to announce the age validation of Ai Shinohara at 110 years old. She is a Japanese supercentenarian reported as the oldest living person in Machida City, Tokyo.

Ai Shinohara was born on 4 January 1913 in Kobe, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan.

She got married during her early 20s but her first husband succumbed to illness just before she gave birth to their first daughter. Around 25 years old, she married for the second time after meeting Kamenosuke Shinohara who was a Doctor of Medicine and pharmacy.

By 1951, Mrs. Shinohara founded Shinotest Laboratory that pioneered in commercializing clinical test kits invented by her husband. In November 1959, Mr. Kamenosuke was acknowledged for his invention of a simple reagent and was honored with the Medal with Purple Ribbon by Emperor Shōwa.

In September 2023, aged 110. (Source: Courtesy of Machida City)

In September 2023, aged 110.
(Source: Courtesy of Machida City)

She underwent a medical treatment for approximately six months after experiencing a life-threatening anaphylactic shock due to medication. Fortunately, she made a full recovery and still able to raise six children despite all of her responsibilities. Mrs. Shinohara retired from the company at 83 years old and then joined the Senior Chorus Choir in Yokohama.

She moved into a nursing home at the age of 107 years old. Her current residence is in Machida City, Tokyo, where she is the current oldest living person.

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