LongeviQuest is delighted to share that Pierina Pensa, the longest living resident of Lombardy, Italy, turns 110 years old. She is a recently turned Italian supercentenarian born in Castiglione Intelvi where she lived and would have met her future husband.

She married Alberto Botta and the couple had four children together. Unfortunately, her husband passed away in 1986, making her a widow at that time that will take care of their children alone.

Her 110th birthday celebration was filled with bouquet of flowers, cake, and hugs from people that are important and special for the celebrant. The party was also graced by the mayors of Centro Valle Intelvi and Alta Valle Intelvi, Mayor Mario Pozzi and Mayor Marcello Grandi, respectively. Both are wearing tri-color sash around their necks.

Pierina Pensa's 110th Birthdaysource: https://www.ciaocomo.it/2023/10/16/augurissimi-nonna-pierina-110-anni-con-il-caffe-ed-il-canto-e-la-piu-longeva-residente-in-lombardia/263696/amp/

Pierina Pensa’s 110th Birthday source: https://longevi.quest/46RXnGk

She is currently living in RSA Valle Intelvi Retirement Home where she also celebrates her 110th birthday. Pierina moved and even sang during the party that was being celebrated for her.

Her youngest son, Marsilio, now 72, revealed her mother’s longevity to be, “Singing was always her passion, but I think mom’s elixir of long life was coffee. She always drank it and even today she drinks it with gusto and pleasure.”

The entire staff of Pellio RSA retirement home stopped by to celebrate with Pierina. According to her, this place is where she is loved and pampered.

LongeviQuest extends our warmest greetings of celebration for Pierina Pensa’s 110th birthday and wishes her the best.