LongeviQuest is delighted to announce the age validation of Umeko Shimizu of Japan at age 110. She was born into a farming family in Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan on 30 March 1913. She was a wife and a mother to 8 children.

Shimizu was described as a hardworking woman by her family. While raising her children, she would wake up early to cook rice over a fire, tend to the rice and vegetable fields during the day, and prepare dinner by kneading flour into noodles called “hoto” in the evenings. She also raised silkworms to extract threads from their cocoons, which she wove into kimonos for herself and winter clothes for her family. After turning 50, Shimizu would occasionally travel with her children. She continued to work in the fields, tending to her 330-square-meter plot until she was nearly 100 years old.

(Source: Yamanashi Nichinichi Shimbun)

(Source: Yamanashi Nichinichi Shimbun)

In 2017, she moved into a nursing home. When asked about the secret to her longevity, she attributed it to being carefree and enjoying her life.

Shimizu passed away in Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan, on 6 May 2023, at the age of 110 years, 37 days.

LongeviQuest congratulates Umeko Shimizu’s family on her posthumous recognition.

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