LongeviQuest is pleased to announce the age validation of Lexie Holbrook at 110 years old. She was an American supercentenarian recognized as one of the oldest living people in North Carolina at the time of her death.

Lexie Ella Settle was born on 22 November 1907 in Wilkes County, North Carolina, USA. She has spent her childhood on their family’s farm where she would later partake in farm work.

On 6 June 1936, Lexie married Paul Holbrook and had two sons with him. Her father and her husband operated a mill before the couple moved to North Wilkesboro, North Carolina in 1944. This is when Mrs. Holbrook opened and operated a small convenience store.

Her husband passed away in 1966 thus making her a widow at that time.

Holbrook on her 108th birthday (Source: Wilkes Journal-Patriot)

Mrs. Holbrook lived independently until she was 98 years old. In 2006, she fell and suffered a broken arm, so she moved into a North Wilkesboro retirement community. This is where she would spend the rest of her life.

Lexie Holbrook passed away on 30 March 2018 in North Wilkesboro, Wilkes County, North Carolina, USA. She was 110 years and 128 days old at the time of her death, making her one of the oldest living people in the area before passing away.

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