LongeviQuest is pleased to announce the age validation of Doris Noreen at 110 years old. She is an American supercentenarian born on 15 September 1913 in Rockford, Illinois, USA.

In 1942, she married Carroll Noreen who unfortunately passed away six years after their wedding due to a heart condition. After this, Doris was left to raise their two daughters alone. She moved back to live with her parents to have a support in raising the kids while she worked at the Barber-Colman factory. She remained in this textile and milling machinery manufacturing company for 29 years until Doris retired in 1978.

In September 2023, aged 110. (Source: Rockford Register Star)

In September 2023, aged 110.
(Source: Rockford Register Star)

Upon reaching 98 years old, she moved into a continuing care retirement community where she is currently residing now.

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