LongeviQuest is pleased to announce the age validation of Katsuko Tago of Japan at age 113. She was born in Ōmachi, Nagano Prefecture, Japan on 28 March 1910, as the eldest of 10 siblings. Tago is currently the oldest known living person in Tokyo and one of the ten oldest known living residents in Japan. She was also a wife and a mother to 7 children.

In January 2022, aged 111. (Source: Courtesy of the family)

In January 2022, aged 111.
(Source: Courtesy of the family)

Tago was a lifelong learner and creative spirit. She attended a doll-making class in her hometown in Nagano every month until she was around 90 years old. She continued to make Kimekomi dolls and even carve wooden objects like skunk cabbage until she was around 103 years old. However, at that age, Tago suffered a femur fracture and underwent surgery. She regained her ability to walk with the help of rehabilitation, but two years later, she experienced another fracture and began receiving care in a nursing home.

Before moving into the nursing home, she had dealt with diabetes and high blood pressure, but with proper healthcare at the facility, her health improved. Up until the age of about 110, she remained in close contact with her family, sharing details of life at the nursing home. At the age of 113, she occasionally engaged in activities like folding laundry alongside other residents and managed to maneuver her wheelchair to the cafeteria to enjoy her meals. She attributed her long life to her daily practice of enjoying strawberry-flavored chocolate. Her family believes that her determination and independent thinking are also contributing factors to her longevity.

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