LongeviQuest is pleased to announce the age validation of Shirō Moriyama at 111 years old. He was a Japanese supercentenarian known as the oldest-living man in Hokkaido Prefecture at the time of his death.

Shirō Moriyama was born on 6 March 1911 in Shizunai, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.

In May 2010, aged 99. (Source: Shinhidaka)

In May 2010, aged 99.
(Source: Shinhidaka)

He worked for the Japanese National Railways and then became a farmer to raise vegetables and racehorses. Shiro retired from farming in his 50s to start mountain climbing as a hobby. He climbed mountains all over the country, which includes the Hidaka Mountains and Mount Fuji, until he was in his 80s.

Shiro moved into a local nursing home in 2014 where he enjoyed watching live horse racing and talking with the other residents. Shirō Moriyama passed away on 19 March 2022 in Shinhidaka, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan, due to natural causes.

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