It is with great delight to announce the age validation of Kitty Harvey. She was an American supercentenarian born on 12 January 1860 in Elizabethtown, Hamilton County, Ohio, United States. Her age was validated to be 112 years old and that makes her the oldest person in the world at the time of her death.

She married William L. Harvey in Minneapolis, Ottawa County, Kansas in 1879 just after a year when she moved to the area. The couple had a son who later became a prominent physician in Minneapolis.

The family move again to Oklahoma in the 1880s where her husband served as clerk of the court. William died of Malaria on 5 September 1900 at 53 years old, so Kitty and her son returned to Minneapolis to live with her mother.

On her 101st birthday in 1961. (Source: The Salina Journal)

On her 101st birthday in 1961.
(Source: The Salina Journal)

Harvey passed away in Minneapolis, Kansas, USA on 10 July 1972, when she was already 112 years and 180 days old.

LongeviQuest validated her age claim on 23 May 2023 through the appreciated efforts of Jimmy Lindberg and Nick Eriksson.

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