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Flaviano Cruspero Jubane: First Validated Filipino Supercentenarian

Photo sourced from public contribution to Gerontology Wikia

LongeviQuest has validated the age claim for Flaviano Cruspero Jubane (1909-2020) of the Philippines.  Mr. Jubane’s posthumous recognition makes him the first ever validated Filipino supercentenarian, and he was likely the oldest living man in the Philippines at the time of his death.

Photo sourced from public contribution to Gerontology Wikia

Mr. Jubane was born in Antequera, Bohol, Philippines.  Several of his 11 siblings reached advanced ages, including a brother who passed away in 2016 at the age of 103.  Mr. Jubane was married twice and fathered 9 children in total.  He passed away in Antequera, the city of his birth, in 2020, 53 days after reaching his 110th birthday.

Mr. Jubane’s age was validated by LongeviQuest on 20 January 2023 based on the research of Jeffrey Xu and an additional researcher who requested anonymity.

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