It is with great pleasure for LongeviQuest to share that Mrs. Yoshiko Naitō of Japan turns 112 years old. She is a Japanese supercentenarian known as the oldest living person in Yamanashi Prefecture.

She loves flowers, and that day she reached out and admired her flowers sent by LongeviQuest to celebrate this feat. She enjoyed spending time with her family on her birthday. According to her nursing home, at the age of 112, sweet jelly and fruit are her favorite foods and she happily eats them.

Yoshiko Naitō at 112
Yoshiko Naitō at 112

Yoshiko Naitō was born in Yamanashi City, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan, on 10 February 1912, as the second of four siblings. From her youth, she had numerous hobbies and interests. These included a passion for international travel, pilgrimages to temples across Japan, reading books, and tending to a vegetable garden, a practice she carried on until the age of 95 when she suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage

Her family attributed her longevity to a combination of factors, including her genetic predisposition for a long life, her commitment to physical activity, and her nutritious diet.

LongeviQuest sends our warmest greetings of celebration for Mrs. Yoshiko’s 112th birthday and wishes her the best.

For more information, please visit Yoshiko Naitō’s Directory Profile here.

Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan—on 20 December 2023, our team had the honor of visiting Mrs. Fuyo Kishimoto on her 112th birthday. She was reported to be the third-oldest person in Kyoto as of September 2023.

LongeviQuest Japan President Yumi Yamamoto and researcher Jack Steer were blessed with the opportunity to carry out the visit and were welcomed into the nursing home with great warmth by the staff.

LongeviQuest visited Fuyo Kishimoto on her 112th birthday.On the photo: Yumi Yamamoto (left), Fuyo Kishimoto (center), and Jack Steer (right)
LongeviQuest visited Fuyo Kishimoto on her 112th birthday.
On the photo: Yumi Yamamoto (left), Fuyo Kishimoto (center), and Jack Steer (right)

Even though Mrs. Kishimoto has trouble hearing sometimes, she can still understand when you speak a little louder. She’s full of life and answered all of Yamamoto’s questions clearly. When asked about past hardships, she simply said, “Yes, I worked very hard.” This likely refers to the time she raised her two children alone after her husband passed away in World War II. She worked alongside men in the mountains and mines, showing incredible strength. Mrs. Kishimoto shared that she enjoyed taking warm baths and that she liked to eat sweet things. According to nursing home staff, she has a hearty appetite and is still capable of eating unassisted when food is chopped up into small pieces.

Religion has been very important to Mrs. Kishimoto. During the visit, she chanted Namu Myōhō Renge Kyō, a mantra of Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism, showing her deep faith. Until she was 107 years old, her daily routine included performing sutra for three hours a day. This faith helped her through tough times, like the war and post-war periods. Mrs. Kishimoto’s humble religious spirit could be felt in the heartfelt gratitude she expressed throughout the visit.

Mrs. Kishimoto was presented with a plaque and a flower basket celebrating her status as a verified supercentenarian.
Mrs. Kishimoto was presented with a plaque and a flower basket celebrating her status as a verified supercentenarian.

After the questions, everyone present sang happy birthday to Mrs. Kishimoto, which she clapped along to in the pattern of 3-3-7, a rhythm commonly used for celebrations in Japan. The song ended with cheers of banzai (a Japanese expression of joy). Mrs. Kishimoto remarked emotionally, “I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you.” She was then presented with a flower basket and a plaque celebrating her status as a verified supercentenarian.

As the event concluded, Yamamoto said, “Please continue to be well. Let’s meet again next year.” Mrs. Kishimoto replied, “Let’s meet again.” Mrs. Kishimoto’s story is a reminder of human strength and the comfort of faith. Even after many challenges, she remains cheerful and full of life, inspiring us all with her long and fulfilling journey.

We extend our deepest appreciation and heartfelt thanks to Mrs. Kishimoto’s family and the nursing home staff who received the LongeviQuest team so warmly.

For more information, please view Mrs. Kishimoto’s Directory Profile here.