LongeviQuest is pleased to announce the age validation of Vicie George at 110 years old. She was an American supercentenarian born on 24 November 1909 in East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana, USA.

While growing up, George was passionate about learning to the point that she excelled in geography and history classes while attending school. However, aside from her passion for academics, she also enjoyed playing baseball.

She married Grover George in February 1925, with whom she had seven children with. They kept their marriage strong for 64 years until Grover passed away in 1989.

(Source: 11 Alive)

Vicie joined the Beech Grove Baptist Church in 1936 and remained a devoted member until her death.

Vicie George passed away on 12 January 2020 in Decatur, Georgia, USA. She was 110 years and 49 days old at the time of her death.

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