LongeviQuest is pleased to announce the age validation of Rochelle Pope of the United States at age 110. She was born in Sampson County, North Carolina, United States on 9 March 1908. Pope was a wife and a mother to 4 children.

On her 109th birthday. (Source: The Fayetteville Observer)
Rochelle Pope on her 109th birthday.
(Source: The Fayetteville Observer)

Pope attended Pineland School for Girls in the 1920s. She earned her education degree from what was then East Carolina Teachers College in Greenville. She got her first teaching job in Sampson County. Pope then worked at the Harnett County Schools system, teaching fourth through seventh grades. She also served as principal of Long Branch School, which was just a mile from her home. Pope has been a member of Divine St. United Methodist Church since 1942. Over the years, she has taught Sunday school, served on the Board of Trustees, and contributed to nearly every other committee in the church.

Pope passed away in Dunn, North Carolina, USA, on 14 April 2018, at the age of 110 years, 36 days. She was survived by a son and a daughter, 11 grandchildren, 26 great-grandchildren, and two great-great-grandchildren.

LongeviQuest congratulates Rochelle Pope’s family on her posthumous recognition.

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LongeviQuest is pleased to announce the age validation of Eliza Underwood at 113 years old. She was an American supercentenarian recognized as the oldest person ever at the time of her death.

She was born as Eliza Jane Brown on 15 March 1867 in Clinton, North Carolina, USA. When she was eight years old, she lived with the Royals, a white family living nearby, for seven years.

In 1890, she was married to a preacher named Isham Underwood. In that same year, around September. their only daughter was born, and they named her Lenorah. It was around 1912 when the couple adopted a baby girl named Minnie.

Underwood shortly before her 111th birthday

After her husband passed away, she moved to San Antonio, Texas, in 1973 to live with her daughter. Unfortunately, Lenorah Grant passed away in 1979. Eliza then went to live with her adopted daughter, Minnie Simmons, in Washington D.C., USA.

Mrs. Underwood mentioned that her secret to longevity was to never smoke or drink alcohol and be an active member of the church.

Eliza Underwood passed away on 27 January 1981 in Washington, District of Columbia, United States. Moreover, it was established that she was oldest person ever at the time of her death.

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