7 March 1914São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil



Current Residence

Ibirá, São Paulo, Brazil

Primo Olivieri

Primo Olivieri is a Brazilian supercentenarian whose age has been validated by LongeviQuest América.

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Primo Olivieri was born in São Paulo City, São Paulo, Brazil, on 7 March 1914. His father was of Italian descent, while his mother was born in Italy. He worked as an aviation mechanic and received a Medal of Honor for his service from the Brazilian Air Force (FAB). He also contributed to the maintenance of planes that were utilized during the Second World War. He was tasked with overseeing the maintenance of all engines that powered the flights at VASP, a Brazilian airline.

Olivieri has been experiencing hearing problems for many years, dating back to the period when he worked in aviation. During that time, he did not have access to ear protection devices, resulting in significant damage to his hearing.

Olivieri currently lives in Ibirá, São Paulo, Brazil.

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His age was validated by Filipe Lopes and Gabriel Ainsworth, and validated by LongeviQuest América on 21 July 2023.

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