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Lona Collins

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Lona Collins (née Mergler) was an American supercentenarian whose age has been validated by LongeviQuest.


Collins was born Lona June Mergler in Medford, Grant County, Oklahoma, USA, on 18 June 1907. Her father was William Henry Mergler (1872–1926) and Charlotte “Lottie” Ledford. She had two siblings: John H. (1902–1933) and Charlotte Selander (1909–2000). [source]

On 2 November 1926, at the age of 19, she married Christopher Jeremiah Collins (born 1905), a printer in a small town near Ohio’s border with Indiana. The couple had two children: William G. (1928–2011) and Lois Klemenc. She survived cancer twice in her life.

Her husband passed away on 5 June 1991, aged 85. She was a member of East Shore Church United Methodist in Euclid.

Collins passed away in Wickliffe, Lake County, Ohio, USA, on 22 June 2019, at the age of 112 years, 4 days. She was survived by her daughter, 5 grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren and 12 great-great-grandchildren. [source]

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Her age was validated by LongeviQuest on 21 March 2023.