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Fannie Barney

Jimmy Lindberg
Validated By: Jimmy Lindberg On Date: Nov. 25th 2023

Fannie Alvina Barney (née Dundom) was an American supercentenarian whose age has been validated by LongeviQuest.


Barney was born in South Pass, Wyoming, USA, on 29 July 1873, to parents William Ira Dundom (1838–1924) and Cornelia Maria van der Valk (1832–1920). Both of her parents were born in South Holland, Netherlands, and immigrated to the United States in 1868, accompanied by their five children. The family’s original surname was Duijndam, but it was later changed to Dundom upon settling in the USA. Her parents initially settled in Michigan and later relocated to Missouri before moving to Wyoming, where Fannie was born. Subsequently, the family arrived in Montana, establishing themselves along the Jefferson River near Boulder in the fall of 1874. They moved to Butte in August 1876. In the spring of 1885, the family moved to the state of Washington, specifically to the Judith Basin, where they established a home about 12 miles below Lewistown. She attended schools in the states of Washington and Montana. Her siblings included: Alida Henrika Sherman (1862–1941), Adrianus Johannes Dundom (1863–1922), Kate Cecilia Pintler (1864–1966), William Ira Dundom Jr. (1866–1914), and Mary Clark (1874–1982).

On 25 December 1890, she married William Henry Barney (1864–1926) in Fergus County, Montana. Her husband was a carpenter. She was a homemaker, and the family lived in a number of communities during her life, including California where she resided for 50 years. Around the age of 103, she moved to Grand Junction, Colorado, where her daughter Frances lived. Barney was a member of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Her older sister, Kate Cecilia, passed away in January 1966 at the age of 101, and her youngest sister, Mary, passed away in February 1982 at the age of 107.

Barney passed away at Beverly Manor Nursing Home in Grand Junction, Colorado, USA, on 4 August 1983, at the age of 110 years, 6 days. She was survived by her daughter Frances, five grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren, and nine great-great-grandchildren.

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At the time of her death, she was the second-oldest living person in the U.S. state of Colorado, following Linnie Jones, who is believed to be the first supercentenarian in the state, making Barney the second.

As of November 2023, Barney is the only recorded supercentenarian born in the U.S. state of Wyoming.

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