LongeviQuest is delighted to announce the age validation of Kikue Taira at age 113. She is a Japanese supercentenarian reported to be the fourth-oldest living person in Okinawa Prefecture when she was 112 last year.

Kikue Taira was born on 26 April 1910 in Yomitan Village, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. She was the third daughter out of four wherein the eldest and youngest lived a short life. However, her second-eldest sister, Kame Ganeko, lived a long life reaching 114 years and 191 days.

In February 2015, aged 104. (Source: Courtesy of the family)
In February 2015, aged 104.
(Source: Courtesy of the family)

At some point in her life, Kikue Taira got married and had five sons and a daughter. She enjoyed cooking, knitting, and making gifts for her children and grandchildren.

On 7 August 2023, LongeviQuest confirmed and validated that Kame Ganeko and Kikue Taira were sisters. As a result, the sisters became the oldest known pair of siblings in history with a combined age of 227 years and 294 days upon validation.

Kikue Taira currently resides in Yomitan, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan.

For more information, please view Kikue Taira’s Directory Profile here.

LongeviQuest has validated the age claim for Ushi Makishi (born 1909), the oldest known living person in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan.

(source: kouyoukai-oki.jp)

Mrs. Makishi has lived most of her life in Okinawa, having been born there in February 1909.  She and her husband had six children, with the first born in 1929.  She moved into a nursing home at the age of 96, and she still enjoys many pleasures of life.  Mrs. Makishi occasionally enjoys an Okinawan hand dance called kachāshī, and also loves a local Okinawan dish called jūshī.

Mrs. Makishi’s age was validated by LongeviQuest Japan in a collaborative research effort between Ritsuko Makishi, Japan’s MHLW, Yumi Yamamoto, and Yu Li.