LongeviQuest is delighted to announce that Virginia’s (U.S. State) oldest living person turned 111 years old. Virginia Jefferson is an American supercentenarian born on 14 August 1912 in Forest, Bedford County, Virginia, USA.

In April 1938, Virginia married Malcolm Jefferson who later died in May 2008. She learned how to play the piano by herself, and used to sing at the church she used to attend since she was young. Lately, she is a devoted member of the Forest Church, where she attributes her longevity to God.

On her 110th birthday in August 2022. (Source: Youtube/NABJ Black News & Views)
On her 110th birthday in August 2022.
(Source: Youtube/NABJ Black News & Views)

Virginia Jefferson currently resides in Lynchburg, Virginia, USA.

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LongeviQuest is pleased to announce the age validation of Mary Marsh of the United States. She was born in on . Mrs. Marsh was the second of nine siblings. She grew up on a 129-acre farm where her family raised tomatoes for a local canning factory.

On her 110th birthday. (Source: WSET)
On her 110th birthday.
(Source: WSET)

At the age of 14, she joined and served at Shady Grove Baptist Church until she was 18. Afterward, she became a lifetime member of the First Baptist Church of Lynchburg. Mrs. Marsh also went to night school to take refresher courses in reading, writing, arithmetic, and English to become a bookkeeper. This is where she met her husband, Osby Edgar Marsh. The couple had three children, while also raising one of her nephews as her own child.

At the age of 105, she was still working in her small garden, still was still able to do canning, cooking, and sewing. When asked about the secret of her longevity, she attributed it to: “The Lord, my family, hard work, and good homegrown food…”.

Mrs. Marsh passed away on at the age of 110 years, 332 days. She was survived by her daughter, eight grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren, 18 great-great-grandchildren, and one great-great-great-granddaughter.

LongeviQuest congratulates Mrs. Marsh’s family on her posthumous recognition.

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