LongeviQuest is saddened to share that French pianist Colette Maze passed away at 109 years old. She released her seventh album in 2023, making her the oldest recording pianists in the world.

Colette Maze was born on 16 June 1914 in Paris, France.  

She started playing the piano at the age of 5 and learned most of it in the comfort of their home until she was a teenager. When she was 15 years old, she formally studied the instrument at École Normale de Musique. In relation to her talent for playing the piano, she received a Pleyel piano as a gift for her 18th birthday which she kept for the rest of her life.

Colette Maze. Retrieved from: https://bit.ly/3RdPUN1

She started recording at the age of 90 after her son urged her to preserve the works of her teacher, Alfred Cortot. Until 2023, Colette was able to release seven recording albums.  

Colette Maze passed away on 19 November 2023 at her home in Paris.  

LongeviQuest sends our deepest condolences to the bereaved family and friends of Colette Maze.   

LongeviQuest is delighted to announce that Ireland’s oldest living person has turned 109 years old. Kitty marked her birthday on Sunday, November 12th, at her home in Knockasturkeen, near Midleton. Her eldest child, Anne, described the occasion as “a great day,” filled with festivities and the company of loved ones, including 15 cousins. To commemorate the special milestone, a custom-made cake was prepared for Kitty’s birthday celebration. Kitty’s 109th birthday on Sunday marked the latest milestone in what her eldest son, George, describes as her “remarkable” life.

Kitty Jeffery’s 109th birthday in her County Cork home
(Source: Irish Independent)

Kitty Jeffery is an Irish supercentenarian born in Glenville, County Cork, Ireland on 20 August 1912. Jeffery’s life has lived through some of the most significant events in Irish history. She witnessed the Irish War of Independence and the Civil War and even remembers hearing of Michael Collins’ shooting.

She became a renowned member of the community as a member of the Irish Countrywomen’s Association, the Mother’s Union, and later as a frequent attendee of local country markets.

It is with a heavy heart for LongeviQuest to share that Jaak Broekx, the oldest man from Belgium, passed away at 109 years old. He was a Belgian centenarian who was the title holder for being the country’s oldest man at the time of his death.

Henricus Petrus Jacobus (Jaak) Broekx was born on 6 August 1914 in Bree, Limburg, Belgium.

Jaak spent his entire life working as a farmer until he was 100 years old. He never had a wife nor any children. He lived with his sister Christine until she passed away on 14 March 2015, when she was 97 years old.

As a young man. (Photo credit: rv/Greet Henderix)
As a young man.
(Photo credit: rv/Greet Henderix)

In 2020, Jaak moved into a nursing home as he was unable to maintain an independent life because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The nursing home reported that he was never ill during his stay with them. However, during his last moments, he was already using a wheelchair and was hard of hearing. On a positive note, he remained mentally sharp until he passed away.

Broekx died in a peaceful manner after falling asleep. He passed away in the morning of 31 October 2023 in Bree, Limberg, Belgium, at the age of 109 years old.

At the time of his death, he was the oldest living man in Belgium.

LongeviQuest extends our deepest condolences to the bereaved family and friends of Jaak Broekx.

For more information, please visit Jaak Broekx‘s Directory Profile here.


LongeviQuest is pleased to announce the age validation of Jens Peter Westergaard of Denmark at age 109. He was born in Odense, Southern Denmark, Denmark on 26 April 1914. Westergaard is currently the oldest living man in the country. Westergaard is also currently the third-oldest living person in Denmark, behind Karen Rigmor Moritz and Kirsten Schwalbe. He was a brother, a husband, and a father.

As a child (left), with his two younger siblings. (Photo credit: Kristian Isaksen/Fyens Stiftstidende)
As a child (left), with his two younger siblings.
(Photo credit: Kristian Isaksen/Fyens Stiftstidende)

Westergaard started his career in the accounting department of Politiken in Copenhagen. He later became the public transportation manager in his city and oversaw the switch from trams to buses in Odense. He played a key role in the decision to stop tram service in the city. Westergaard was featured in local newspapers on July 1, 1952, the day the tram service ended. He had planned to retire at 67, but he stayed on until he was 70 because there was no one to replace him.

In 2020, he moved from Odense to Fredericia.

For more information, please view Westergaard’s Directory Profile here.

It is with great delight for LongeviQuest to share that the oldest person in Croatia turned 109 years old. Grandmother Mara Gabelica is a Croatian centenarian known as the current oldest living person in the country.

Mara Gabelica was born on 8 September 1914 in the village of Ivangegovina, Split-Dalmatia County, Austria-Hungary (which is known as Croatia in the present day.)

Grandmother Mara Gabelica
Grandmother Mara Gabelica

She married her first and only love, Anta Gabelica, in 1932 in the village of Podbablje. Mara was only 17 years old at the time of the wedding while her husband was 12 years older than her. The couple had two daughters and two sons. In 1953, they moved to Zmijavci, Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia. Two years later, her husband passed away in 1955 so Mara was left a widow.

On 8 May 2022, Mara became the oldest living person in the country after 108-year-old Andjela Sostaric died.

Mara Bagelica currently resides in the village of Zmijavci, municipality of Zmijavci, Split-Dalmatia, Croatia.

LongeviQuest sends our warmest greetings to Grandmother Mara Gabelica, and to her family and friends, for this milestone of her life.

LongeviQuest is saddened to report the death of Máirín Hughes. She was born in Belfast, Down County, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom on 22 May 1914 and passed away in Chapelizod, Dublin, Ireland on 5 September 2023. At the time of her death, Máirín Hughes was the oldest living person in Ireland.

Mairin Hughes on her 109th birthday
(Source: www.independent.ie)

Máirín Hughes had two older and one sister. They grew up in Rathmore, County Kerry, Ireland. In 1924, she moved to Cork where she went on to graduate from University College Cork and work in pathology. Hughes earned a degree in science and a diploma in education at University College Cork and worked in the pathology lab in UCC’s Department of Medicine for 14 years. Hughes was honored with a UCC Alumni Achievement Award in 2018.

She became the oldest known living woman in Ireland, following the death of 107-year-old Nancy Stewart on 10 September 2021.

She became the oldest known living person in Ireland, following the death of 108-year-old Mathew Crowley on 26 August 2022.

LongeviQuest is extending our deepest condolences to the bereaved family and friends of Mrs. Máirín Hughes.

Vidar Eide, Norway’s oldest living person, turned 109 on 3 July 2023 in Vestlandet, Norway. He was born in Torvikbygd, Vestland, Norway on 3 July 1914, just a few weeks before First World War began.

retrieved from: https://www.hf.no/nyhende/den-eldste-mannen-i-kvam-feira-bursdag/

Eide worked as a dairy farmer and a shipbuilder and is the oldest member of the Norwegian Farmers’ Association. At the time of his 108th birthday in 2022, he was still active and independent and still lived in the same home he was born in. He used a mobility scooter to help him travel longer distances, but he used crutches to get around his home. He has lived in a nursing home since late 2022, following a broken arm. Eide reads newspapers daily and has recently started using a cell phone after being convinced by his granddaughter to try the newest technologies.

LongeviQuest sends our congratulations to Mr. Eide and his family. We wish you good health and happiness.


LongeviQuest está complacido de anunciar la validación de la edad de Francisco “Frank” Mamerto Reynoso a los 109 años de edad. Su caso estaba en estado pendiente originalmente por los Supercentenarios Latinoamericanos (LAS), pero LQ América ahora lo ha validado como el hombre vivo más longevo (conocido) en República Dominicana.

Él nació el 8 de mayo de 1914 (reclama haber nacido el 22 de marzo de 1911) en Palmarito cerca de Salcedo, provincia de Hermanas Mirabal, República Dominicana, donde todavía vive actualmente.

Asistió a las fiestas de Santa Eduvigis en El Algarrobo, Moca, alrededor de 1940 donde conoció a Aurelia Almánzar. La pareja se casó poco después y tuvo 12 hijos en total. Mantuvo a su familia trabajando en el campo agrícola.

Para obtener más información, consulte el perfil del directorio del Sr. Reynoso aquí.

LongeviQuest is pleased to announce the age validation of Francisco “Frank” Mamerto Reynoso at 109 years old. His age was originally pending by the Latin American Supercentenarians (LAS) but LQ América has now validated him as the oldest (known) living man in Dominican Republic.

He was born on 8 May 1914 (claims 22 March 1911) in Palmarito near Salcedo, Hermanas Mirabal Province, Dominical Republic where he is still currently living right now.

Dominican Republic’s Oldest Living Man
Francisco Reynoso in 2022. (Source: Resumen Final)

He attended the Santa Eduvigis festivities in El Algarrobo, Moca around 1940 where he met Aurelia Almánzar. The couple got married soon after and had 12 children overall. He provided for his family by working in the agricultural field.

For more information, please view Mr. Reynoso’s Directory Profile here.