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Maria Farrugia

Maria Farrugia (née Galea) is a Maltese supercentenarian who may be the longevity recordholder of Malta. She is also the country's first known supercentenarian. Her age has not been validated by LongeviQuest (LQ).


Farrugia was born as Maria Galea in Mosta, a city in Malta’s Northern Region, on 7 March 1912. Including an older brother George, she had five siblings, some of whom died young. She grew up in the town of Msida, Central Region. Her mother lived to be 100 years old.

Farrugia married and had three children: Josephine, Angelo, and Carmen. Both Josephine and Angelo died at the age of five. During World War II, she and her family relocated to Hamrun, Southern Region. One of her siblings died during one of Malta’s first air raids at the age of 37. She was widowed in 1962.

Throughout her life, Farrugia worked as a seamstress, as well as crocheting blankets and selling goat’s milk. Her hobbies included cooking and playing bingo. She is a devout Catholic, and recites the rosary every night.

As a centenarian, Farrugia’s favourite meal was vegetable soup with a slice of bread, and oil and olives on the side. She enjoyed reminiscing with old photographs. Her last surviving daughter Carmen started looking after her in the 1980s, along with her own son Stephen.

In December 2021, Farrugia surpassed the age of Connie Galea to become Malta’s oldest resident ever. Three months later, she became the first person in the country to achieve supercentenarian status. She went on to turn 111 in 2023.

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Farrugia was first noted for her longevity on her 104th birthday. For her 107th birthday, Farrugia received a papal blessing from Pope Francis. Many Maltese news outlets have covered her birthdays since then.