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Luise Pompe

Luise Pompe was an Austrian supercentenarian who may be the longevity record-holder of the country since 2021. Her age has not been validated by LongeviQuest (LQ).


Pompe was born on 13 October 1908. She never married and had no children, which, along with playing the piano and reading frequently, is what she claimed was the secret to her longevity.

In around 2011, Pompe became a client of 24 Stunden Pflege, a care organization that enables elderly people to still live in their own homes with live-in carers. After the death of Anna Wiesmayr on 23 September 2019, she became Austria’s oldest resident.

Pompe became the oldest person ever in Austria after surpassing the age of Maria Mika on 10 April 2021. On 16 July 2022, after Josefine Ollmann’s death, she became the last European born in 1908. She was the first Austrian to reach the ages of 113 and 114.

Pompe died on 11 November 2022 in Vienna at the age of 114 years, 29 days, with her funeral being held on 2 December. She was the 11th-oldest known person in the world. Austria’s oldest living person after her death was 111-year-old Margarete Tröstl.

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Pompe was practically anonymous up until her death, with only her initials ‘L. P.’ being publicly known from the Facebook post made by her care organization for her 110th birthday.