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Kama Chinen

Validated By: On Date: Sep. 20th 2008

Kama Chinen [Japanese: 知念 カマ] was a Japanese supercentenarian whose age was validated by the Gerontology Research Group (GRG). She is currently the oldest validated person ever from Okinawa Prefecture. She was the oldest living person in the world from the death of Gertrude Baines on 11 September 2009 until her own death on 2 May 2010. She was the last known surviving validated person born in 1895, as well as the earliest-born person to live in the 2010s.    


Kama Chinen was born in Okinawa, Japan on 10 May 1895.

She became the oldest known living person in Okinawa after the death of Nahe Oshiro on 20 May 2006.

Kama Chinen died in Nanjo, Okinawa, Japan on 2 May 2010, at the age of 114 years, 357 days, just eight days short of her 115th birthday.

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Chinen’s age was verified by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare (MHLW) and Hamish Todd, and was validated by the GRG on 20 September 2008.